Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1/31/2012 - The News of Cletus is Starting to Spread

1/31/12 - Over the past couple of days I have began to receive calls from local and national pet organizations interested in learning about Cletus' story and diagnosis. Some of these organizations I have reached out to in hopes of receiving some help with the bills piling up due to his very expensive care. Some of these organizations have heard of Cletus' case through other sources.

Although we have not been able to pin down any help financially for Cletus yet, just getting the word out about his condition could only prove to help him and ultimately other loved pets whose owners find themselves in similar circumstances. This blog is not just for Cletus but for all pets and pet owners who are faced with dealing with open lipped schizencephaly (that is the first time I spelled that without looking it up).

Sending out a big THANK YOU you to our vet for being there for us through all of this!! Cletus needs to be watched 24 hours a day so we drop him off at our vet in the morning on the way to work and pick him up on the way home from work. Our vet and everyone involved with taking care of Cletus truly has his best interest at heart and makes us and Cletus feel loved everytime we walk in the door.

Also, sending out a HUGE THANK YOU to Heather from Fake-It Frugal for adding a link to us from her site http://www.fakeitfrugal.blogspot.com/

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