Sunday, January 29, 2012

1/26/2012 - Cletus and Aggression

1/26/12 - 5:30PM - Growled at another male today while at Hilltop Animal Hospital. This is the 4th time Cletus has growled at someone (Male about 7 years old), (all males and all over the past month). 1st time was a guest he never met before at our home on 12/27/11 (Male about 45 years old), 2nd time was at Hilltop in waiting room (unsure of date) (Male about 65 years old), 3rd time was at UF Vet waiting room on 1/21/12. (Male about 14 years old) Today, afterward Cletus licked my face and put his teeth on my chin, did not bite down (never did that before). I thought this may be something worth noting? First 3 incidents were grown men, this last incident was a small boy. Not 2 minutes prior Cletus let a small girl give him a treat with no issue. We have had Cletus since he was 6 weeks old, could not be an issue toward men in general as he was never abused. Could this be a sensitiviity toward testosterone issue?

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