Sunday, January 29, 2012

1/25/2012 - Another new diagnosis - Open Lipped Schizencephaly

1/25/12 - 1:30PM - Neurologist called. Cletus was re-diagnosed by the Head of Neurology and the Head of Radiology with Open Lipped Schizencephaly (two halves of his cranium did not seal) (spine still open, kind of like spina bifida). Asymmetric. Never reported before in a dog. WTF???

Neurologist spoke with head of neurology and head of radiology and they do not recommend doing spinal tap to take out CSF as dogs product spinal fluid faster than humans.
Head of radiology will call to set up Cat Scan for Monday or Wednesday. UF will write off CT and Craneoplasty if needed as they are now planning on writing papers and journal articles on Cletus with this new diagnosis.

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