Sunday, January 29, 2012

1/26/2012 - Head of Neurology calls

1/26/12 - 3:30PM-4:45PM - Head of neurology called.  I need a plan of action.

How/when can we tell if medication is working? He said Potassium Bromide levels could be measured in 3 months.

I asked about open shunt or anti-syphen valve shunt possibilities. He said we will try to lower CSF with meds if possible and we will visit shunt options as the need arises.

I brought up Cletus having seizures on 11/1 and on 1/1 - both days I gave flea and tick and heartworm meds. He said due to Cletus having seizures on 11/1/11 and 1/1/12, we will avoid flea and tick medications for the time being as these are dates he was given these medications.

I asked when the CT will happen. He said CT will be scheduled for Monday, 2/6/12. Someone will be calling to schedule a time.

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