Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1/22/2013 - Cletus' 3rd Birthday would have been tomorrow

1/22/13 - Tomorrow, January 23rd would have been Cletus' 3rd birthday.  Although I think about Cletus every day, I know tomorrow will be a day where Cletus will be forefront in my mind.  I plan on lighting a candle for Cletus tomorrow night after I come back to the hotel after work.

So much has changed in the past month since we have lost Cletus.  We have sold our house.  I have started working in a new city and although I am already in the new city, I am living in a hotel.  The family and I will be moving into our new home the beginning of February. 

I keep getting asked if I will be getting a new puppy but I am not ready for that.  I have been spending as much time with Magnum as I can (when I am home) but I know that none of us are ready for another puppy in the mix.

Anyway, sorry for the long hiatus between posts... I will try to write soon.