Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12/19/2012 - Thank You!! Cletus' Story will be on ABC News TV20 tonight at 11:00pm

12/19/12 - I wanted to send out a BIG Thank You to everyone for sending your condolences, well wishes, and thoughts the past few days.

We have received literally hundreds of messages via phone, email, text, twitter, etc expressing how much Cletus has touched the lives of those around him and those he has never even met.  We have received messages from doctors and schizencephaly associations thanking us for the interest, the exposure, and the knowledge we have been able to put forth into the medical community.

I will never stop missing Cletus.  I could sit here and keep asking why him? Why did this have to happen to a sweet, beautiful puppy who only wanted to give love?  Instead, I will choose to be greatful for the time we had Cletus in our lives. 

It gives me great pleasure and even some peace to know that he was able to give back to the community.  The medical community will be able to learn from him and hopefully save many, many lives, both animal and human.  It is a testiment to him that this blog has had almost 9000 visits from over 70 countries all over the world.  I will continue Cletus' fight for those with schizencephaly - animal or human.

While I am writing this, I just received a call from ABC News WCJB TV20 who ran a story on Cletus in October and they would like to run a follow-up story tonight on Cletus' donation to the University.  They will be coming over for the interview in an hour or so and it will be on the 11:00 news.

*UPDATE* Due to time constraints, Cletus' story will not be on until either Thursday, 12/20 or Friday, 12/21. I will keep all informed of the date through this post as I am told.

*UPDATE* Cletus' story will be on tonight, Friday, 12/21/12 at 11:00PM. Thank you to once again to Trent Kelly and ABC News WCJB TV20.

Cletus The Bloodhound
01/23/10 - 12/18/12

Love to all,