Monday, December 10, 2012

12/10/2012 - Cletus - Calm, Cool, and Collected

12/10/12 - Cletus is continuing to do well.  We have sold our house and are in the slow process of packing our belongings which I was afraid would make Cletus feel unsettled but he seems to be taking everything in stride.  The house was only on the market for 1 week before we received an offer but even with strangers coming into the house, Cletus was very relaxed and easy going, same as he is with the packing going on around him.

I have noticed that Cletus is even handling thunderstorms with ease now.  Where he used to be scared and I used to have up to 180 pounds of dog trying to get in my lap (between him and Magnum), Cletus now just lays down and goes to sleep during a thunderstorm (like we had today), Magnum... not so much... but Thundershirts work great!

Some of Cletus handling things so well I am sure has to do with me being calm and relaxed and some of it has to do with Cletus' own easy going and care free personality.  The only time Cletus seems to be stressed is when he thinks I am leaving him.  Cletus does not freak when I leave the house but is very afraid of me leaving him at the vet although he does start whining and crying if I am gone from home for a significant amount of time.  I am going on an overnight business trip in a few days but he should be fine, it is only 1 night without daddy and he is a big boy.

Time to get back to packing...

Thank you for your support,

Doug & Cletus

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