Monday, August 6, 2012

8/6/2012 - Cletus is in bad shape

8/6/12 - Cletus' blog hit 5000 hits today!!

Cletus stopped eating his food about 5 days ago. We have been making him chicken, rice, and vegetables and he has been eating that but he refuses to eat his own food which is not like Cletus at all.

He either tore the ACL in both back legs or his hip dysplasia has gotten so bad that he can't hold up his own weight.  When he tries to walk, he falls after about 5 or 10 feet.  I am giving him pain meds to deal with his constant falling. 

The doctors at the hospital gave us meds to deal with his seizures saying that they can't help him anymore and we should just treat him at home instead of spending the money bringing him to the ER.

I am looking into doggie wheelchairs but am waiting until we speak with the acupuncturist to see if Cletus even has a chance to get better or not.  Cletus goes to the acupuncturist tomorrow but we know the outlook does not look good. 

Our decisions were always based on his quality of life and pain level.  At this point, he is unable to play with his brothers and is in pain at the end of the day from falling all day.  Cletus' quality of life is falling and his pain level is rising.  It looks like a decision we do not want to make is coming soon :( 

It really sucks that this has happened to the sweetest 2 year old puppy I have ever known.

Peace and Love,

Doug and Cletus

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